Proper-motion age dating of the progeny of Nova Scorpii AD 1437

  title={Proper-motion age dating of the progeny of Nova Scorpii AD 1437},
  author={Michael M. Shara and K. Iłkiewicz and Joanna Mikołajewska and Ashley S. Pagnotta and Michael F. Bode and Lisa A. Crause and Kamil Drozd and Jackie Kelly Faherty and Irma Fuentes-Morales and Jonathan E. Grindlay and Anthony F. J. Moffat and Magaretha L. Pretorius and Linda Schmidtobreick and Francis Richard Stephenson and Claus Tappert and David R. Zurek},
‘Cataclysmic variables’ are binary star systems in which one star of the pair is a white dwarf, and which often generate bright and energetic stellar outbursts. Classical novae are one type of outburst: when the white dwarf accretes enough matter from its companion, the resulting hydrogen-rich atmospheric envelope can host a runaway thermonuclear reaction that generates a rapid brightening. Achieving peak luminosities of up to one million times that of the Sun, all classical novae are recurrent… CONTINUE READING
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