• Physics
  • Published 2008

Propagators and vertex functions from lattice QCD

  title={Propagators and vertex functions from lattice QCD},
  author={Attilio Cucchieri and Tereza Mendes and Gilberto Medeiros Nakamura},
. We use the Cabibbo-Marinariembedding technique in order to simulate the SU(3) case in terms of a heat-bath Monte Carlo algorithm forSU(2) variables and we flx the gauge by applying the so-called stochastic over-relaxation method. Also, wepresent preliminary data for the ghost-gluon vertex function.[1] \Quantization of Nonabelian Gauge Theories", V.N. Gribov, Nucl. Phys. B 139 (1978) 1.[2] \Vanishing of zero momentum lattice gluon propagator and color conflnement", D. Zwanziger, Nucl. Phys.B 364… CONTINUE READING