Propagation of cosmic rays in the foam-like Universe

  title={Propagation of cosmic rays in the foam-like Universe},
  author={Alexander A. Kirillov and Elena P. Savelova and P. S. Zolotarev},
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Density perturbations in a gas of wormholes

It is shown that at very large distances wormholes behave exactly like heavy non-baryonic particles, thus reproducing all features of cold dark matter models, and at smaller galactic scales, wormholes strongly interact with baryons and cure the problem of cusps.

Effects of Scattering of Radiation on Wormholes

Significant progress in the development of observational techniques gives us the hope to directly observe cosmological wormholes. We have collected basic effects produced by the scattering of

On distortion of the background radiation spectrum by wormholes: kinematic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect

The problem of scattering of the background radiation on relic cosmological wormholes is considered. It is shown that static wormholes do not perturb the spectrum at all. The presence of peculiar

On generation of a stochastic GW background by the scattering on relic wormholes

We study collective features of the scattering of gravitational waves on relic wormholes and normal matter objects. We derive and solve the GW energy transport equation and show that the scattered

Galaxy clusters as probes for cosmology and dark matter

In recent years, significant progress has been made in building new galaxy clusters samples, at low and high redshifts, from wide-area surveys, particularly exploiting the Sunyaev--Zel'dovich (SZ)



Probing spacetime foam with extragalactic sources.

The Very Large Telescope interferometer will be on the verge of being able to probe the fabric of spacetime when it reaches its design performance, and this method allows to use spacetime foam physics and physics of computation to infer the existence of dark energy or matter independent of the evidence from recent cosmological observations.

Effects related to spacetime foam in particle physics

It is found that the existence of spacetime foam leads to a situation in which the number of fundamental quantum bosonic fields is a variable quantity. The general aspects of an exact theory that

Bounds on length scales of classical spacetime foam models

Simple models of a classical spacetime foam are considered, which consist of identical static defects embedded in Minkowski spacetime. Plane-wave solutions of the vacuum Maxwell equations with

A modification of the newtonian dynamics as a possible alternative to the hidden mass hypothesis

The author considers the possibility that there is not, in fact, much hidden mass in galaxies and galaxy systems. If a certain modified version of the Newtonian dynamics is used to describe the

Collective scattering of massive stars in higher order gravity

One of the great puzzles of modern cosmology is the dark matter problem. Its existence is inferred by analyzing the rotational curve of some spiral galaxies and the dynamics of galactic clusters @1#.

Does the missing mass problem signal the breakdown of Newtonian gravity

We consider a nonrelativistic potential theory for gravity which differs from the Newtonian theory. The theory is built on the basic assumptions of the modified dynamics, which were shown earlier to