Propagation of Chaos for a Thermostated Kinetic Model

  title={Propagation of Chaos for a Thermostated Kinetic Model},
  author={Federico Bonetto and Eric A. Carlen and Raffaele Esposito and Joel L Lebowitz and Rossana Marra},
We consider a system of N point particles moving on a d-dimensional torus T . Each particle is subject to a uniform field E and random speed conserving collisions vi → vi with |vi | = |vi |. This model is a variant of the Drude-Lorentz model of electrical conduction (Ashcroft and Mermin in Solid state physics. Brooks Cole, Pacific Grove, 1983). In order to avoid heating by the external field, the particles also interact with a Gaussian thermostat which keeps the total kinetic energy of the… CONTINUE READING