Propagation instabilities of high-intensity laser-produced electron beams.

  title={Propagation instabilities of high-intensity laser-produced electron beams.},
  author={Michael Tatarakis and F. N. Beg and Ezra Lee Clark and A. E. Dangor and Rufus D Edwards and R. G. Evans and Timothy J Goldsack and Kenneth W D Ledingham and P. A. Norreys and M. A. Sinclair and M. S. Wei and Matt Zepf and Karl M. Krushelnick},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={90 17},
Measurements of energetic electron beams generated from ultrahigh intensity laser interactions (I>10(19) W/cm(2)) with dense plasmas are discussed. These interactions have been shown to produce very directional beams, although with a broad energy spectrum. In the regime where the beam density approaches the density of the background plasma, we show that these beams are unstable to filamentation and "hosing" instabilities. Particle-in-cell simulations also indicate the development of such… CONTINUE READING