Propagation in the circular waveguide, containing an azimuthally magnetized ferrite cylinder and a dielectric toroid

  title={Propagation in the circular waveguide, containing an azimuthally magnetized ferrite cylinder and a dielectric toroid},
  author={Georgi Nikolov Georgiev and Mariana Nikolova Georgieva-Grosse},
  journal={2012 6th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP)},
The propagation of normal TE0n modes in the circular waveguide, comprising a coaxially positioned ferrite cylinder with azimuthal bias and a dielectric toroid, of equal relative permittivities, is studied in terms of complex Kummer confluent hypergeometric functions and real Bessel and Neumann ones. The existence of certain positive real numbers (named L3± numbers), related to the positive purely imaginary roots of the characteristic equation of configuration, is ascertained. It is found out… CONTINUE READING


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