Propaganda and Protest: The Myth of the Muslim Menace in an Empire Film ( The Drum, 1938)

  title={Propaganda and Protest: The Myth of the Muslim Menace in an Empire Film ( The Drum, 1938)},
  author={Prem Chowdhry},
  journal={Studies in History},
  pages={109 - 130}
  • P. Chowdhry
  • Published 1 February 2000
  • History
  • Studies in History
On 1 September 1938, The Drum, one of the most successful British empire films both in terms of the box office and of prestige, was released in the city of Bombay.1 1 Within a week there was a wide-scale agitation against the film, bringing the uptown commercial and business areas of Bombay city to a virtual halt and creating a severe law and order situation. Described as ’riots’ in the colonial records, it took 
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A Specter Haunts Bombay: Censored Itineraries of a Lost Communistic Film
: This article situates a lost film titled Mill or Mazdoor (1934/1939) and its history of proscription at the intersection of three arguments: (1) that the loss of the film artifact should not


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There were eighty-eight industrial disputes in Bombay in 1937 involving 109,858 workers and 111 in 1938 involving 62
    For wider press coverage and appeals of different groups see MSA: Home poll. F. no. 237-I
    • 1938