Propaganda and Caricature in the First World War

  title={Propaganda and Caricature in the First World War},
  author={Eberhard Demm},
  journal={Journal of Contemporary History},
  pages={163 - 192}
  • E. Demm
  • Published 1 January 1993
  • History, Political Science, Economics
  • Journal of Contemporary History
The first world war was the first total war in modern history.’ It was waged not only against the enemy’s armies, but also against the civilian population, and on all fronts military, economic and propagandistic. How could this happen? The road to total war began with the French Revolution. Whereas the rulers of the eighteenth century employed mercenaries, and the normal civilian was only aware of the war if fighting took place near his home, in revolutionary France the whole nation was called… 

Fighting an Armed Doctrine: The Struggle to Modernize German Propaganda During World War I (1914–1918)

During the First World War (1914–1918), all belligerent governments realized that propaganda proficiency was critical to selling their causes and stirring up support for the war. Yet German

Heroes and enemies: American Second World War comics and propaganda

During the Second World War, American comic books were put to use for the war effort as carriers of propaganda. This thesis explores the propaganda in comics that were published with the cooperation

Sajtóirányítás és háborús propaganda az I. világháború idõszakában

In the 1910-s, press flourished in Hungary. However, as a result of the political crisis preceding the World War, then the outburst of the war, there were significant restrictions introduced in the

The Great War and the visual mobilization of the Ottoman public sphere: the case of "Donanma" journal

This study tries to explore the Ottoman experience of the Great War through a preliminary analysis of the visual propaganda of the journal Donanma. Although the Ottoman war propaganda suffered from

To ‘fan the spirit of race hatred’: lawn tennis, propaganda and Germanophobia during the Great War

ABSTRACT This study considers the various ways that tennis was implicated within First World War propaganda; more specifically, to consider tennis as both a lens to view and a context to understand

Sheherazade Says No: Artful Resistance in Contemporary Egyptian Political Cartoon

Taking sociological and psychological functions of humor seriously, this chapter explores the cultural psychology of political cartoon in contemporary Egypt. Political cartoon is approached as a form

Nurse, martyr, propaganda tool: The reporting of Edith Cavell in British newspapers 1915–1920

Edith Cavell’s death by a German firing squad in 1915 proved to be a significant moment for First World War propaganda. News of the British nurse’s death caused a torrent of outrage in Britain and


  • Yüksel Özgen
  • History
    Ankara Üniversitesi Türk İnkılap Tarihi Enstitüsü Atatürk Yolu Dergisi
  • 2022
After the Ottoman Empire, defeated in the First World War, signed the Armistice of Mudros, the occupations began. The national liberation struggle of the Turkish nation against the occupations

A Male-Conscious Critique of Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front

I n modern times, much has been written about a male’s expericncc on the battlefield. While “old” military history stressed grand campaigns described in swceping pen-strokes, “ncw” military hislory

Science embattled

Górny's study deals with WWI political engagement of science with an eye on Eastern Europe between 1912 (the First Balkan War) and 1923. The writings of intellectuals from this region that subscribed



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