Proof of Conway’s lost cosmological theorem

  title={Proof of Conway’s lost cosmological theorem},
  author={Shalosh B. Ekhad and Doron Zeilberger},
  journal={Electronic Research Announcements of The American Mathematical Society},
  • S. B. Ekhad, D. Zeilberger
  • Published 21 August 1997
  • Mathematics
  • Electronic Research Announcements of The American Mathematical Society
John Horton Conway's Cosmological Theorem, about Audioactive sequences, for which no extant proof existed, is given a computer-generated proof, hopefully for good. 
Spiral chains: A new proof of the four color theorem
Acceptable, but due to extensive usage of a computer rather unpleasant proof ofthe famous four color map problem of Francis Guthrie were settled eventually byW. Appel and K. Haken in 1976 [1]. Using
In [C], Conway introduced an operator on strings (finite sequences) of positive integers, the audioactive (or “look and say”) operator. Usually, the integers involved are single digit numbers, and a
Cutting Planes for Union-Closed Families
Frankl’s (union-closed sets) conjecture states that for any nonempty finite union-closed (UC) family of distinct sets there exists an element in at least half of the sets. Poonen’s Theorem
Experimental methods in permutation patterns and bijective proof
OF THE DISSERTATION Experimental Methods in Permutation Patterns and Bijective Proof by Nathaniel Shar Dissertation Director: Doron Zeilberger Experimental mathematics is the technique of developing
Stuttering Conway Sequences Are Still Conway Sequences
It is proved that the look-and-say again sequence contains only the digits $1, 2, 4, 6, d$, where $d$ represents the starting digit.
Mutually describing multisets and integer partitions
The Look-and-Say The Biggest Sequence Eventually Cycles
In this paper we consider a variant of Conway's sequence (OEIS A005150, A006715) defined as follows: the next term in the sequence is obtained by considering contiguous runs of digits, and rewriting
Abstract Interpretation with a Theorem Prover
This paper presents an approach to the implementation of the abstract interpretation style of program analysis by first constructing a logic for representing the process of abstract analysis, and
Physical Scaling of Oil Production Rates and Ultimate Recovery from All Horizontal Wells in the Bakken Shale
A recent study by the Wall Street Journal reveals that the hydrofractured horizontal wells in shales have been producing less than the industrial forecasts with the empirical hyperbolic decline curve


Book of numbers
How Many People Can the Earth Support?By Joel E. Cohen. Norton: 1995. Pp. 532. $30, £22.50. UK publication date, 27 March.
The encyclopedia of integer sequences
This book presents methods for Computer Investigation of Sequences, a method for hand analysis of sequences, and some of the methods used in this work, as well as suggestions for further study.
Computational recreations in Mathematica
One that the authors will refer to break the boredom in reading is choosing computational recreations in mathematica as the reading material.
Open Problems in Communication and Computation
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A new proof of The Four-Color Theorem, ERA Amer
  • Math. Soc
  • 1996