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Proof: Accelerating Approximate Aggregation Queries with Expensive Predicates

  title={Proof: Accelerating Approximate Aggregation Queries with Expensive Predicates},
  author={Daniel Kang and John Guibas and Peter Bailis and Tatsunori B. Hashimoto and Yi Sun and Matei A. Zaharia},
Given a dataset D, we are interested in computing the mean of a subset of D which matches a predicate. ABae leverages stratified sampling and proxy models to efficiently compute this statistic given a sampling budget N . In this document, we theoretically analyze ABae and show that the MSE of the estimate decays at rate O(N 1 +N −1 2 +N 1/2 1 N −3/2 2 ), where N = K ·N1 +N2 for some integer constant K and K ·N1 and N2 represent the number of samples used in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of ABae… Expand

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