Promotion of gastrulation by maternal growth factor in cultured rabbit blastocysts

  title={Promotion of gastrulation by maternal growth factor in cultured rabbit blastocysts},
  author={Martin Hrab{\'e} de Angelis and C. Gr{\"u}ndker and Bernhard G Herrmann and Andreas Kispert and Ch. Kirchner},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
Rabbit blastocysts of day 6 post coitum were cultured in a chemically defined, protein-free medium for 24 h. Although the trophoblast continued to grow, the embryonic disc degenerated. Addition of basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF-2, of human recombinant or bovine origin, 10 ng/ml) to the culture medium resulted in significant developmental progress. The embryonic disc became pear-shaped showing a round anterior edge and a posterior node. The primitive streak and Hensen's node indicated that… CONTINUE READING


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