Promoting work – a review of active labour market policies in Taiwan

  title={Promoting work – a review of active labour market policies in Taiwan},
  author={Jen-Der Lue},
  journal={Journal of Asian Public Policy},
  pages={81 - 98}
  • Jen-Der Lue
  • Published 20 February 2013
  • Economics
  • Journal of Asian Public Policy
Taiwan has experienced a structural change in the labour market since 1996 due to intensified globalization, the trend towards deindustrialization and the increasing outflow of foreign direct investment, particularly to China. The unemployment rate has increased more than 2% since 1996 and reached approximately 5% in 2002 and 2009. A series of policy measures have been adopted to address the unemployment problems. The economic development model of Taiwan had been characterized as ‘growth with… 
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