Promoting the role of Raidat Riefiat in family planning program (O.R. study).


The National Population Council (NPC) through the Institutional Development Project (IDP) conducted operations research in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate during 1991 to study the impact of proper training of Raidat Refiat (RR) upon work performance as indicated by the number of contraceptive acceptors and level of contraceptive continuation. An experimental and control group of NPC/RR were compared. The control group received routine training, while the experimental group received routine training as well as competency-based on-the-job training intervention. On-the-job training was found to be more effective than routine pre-service theoretical training in improving the communication capabilities of NPC/RR. On-the-job training improved both the technical skills of NPC/RR in motivating women toward family planning and their administrative skills in record keeping. It also channeled the efforts of NPC/RR toward motivating younger women who have less than three children and those within two years of their last birth. On-the-job training coupled with a specified target to be achieved during training, maximized the capabilities of NPC/RR in confronting cultural, traditional, attitudinal, and local problems which have in the past restricted NPC/RR activities of family planning programs.

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