Promoter methylation of yes-associated protein (YAP1) gene in polycystic ovary syndrome

  title={Promoter methylation of yes-associated protein (YAP1) gene in polycystic ovary syndrome},
  author={Li-le Jiang and Juan-ke Xie and Jin-Quan Cui and Duo Wei and Bao-li Yin and Ya-Nan Zhang and Yuan-hui Chen and Xiao Han and Qian Wang and Cui-lian Zhang},
BACKGROUND DNA methylation modification has been proved to influence the phenotype of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) demonstrate that yes-associated protein (YAP1) genetic sites are associated with PCOS. The study aims to detect the methylation status of YAP1 promoter in ovary granulosa cells (GCs) of PCOS patients and explore novel therapeutic targets for PCOS. METHODS Randomized controlled trial was applied and a total of 72 women were included in… CONTINUE READING


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