Promoter analysis and transcriptional regulation of a Gig2 gene in grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella).


Grass carp reovirus (GCRV)-induced gene 2 (Gig2) is recognized as a new antiviral factor involved in response to viral infection. However, little is known about the mechanisms behind the transcriptional regulation of Gig2 when infected by virus. In this study, the upstream promoter region of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) Gig2 gene (CiGig2) was identified by homology cloning strategy. CiGig2 promoter sequence was found to be 859 bp in length and contained three scattered IFN-stimulated response elements (ISRE). In addition, some grass carp IRFs (CiIRF1, CiIRF2 and CiIRF3) ORF sequences were subcloned into the expression plasmids pET-32a and expressed in Escherichia coli BL21, then the expressed proteins were purified by affinity chromatography with the Ni-NTA His-Bind Resin. Gel mobility shift assay was employed to screen the transcriptional regulatory factor for CiGig2. The results revealed that the recombinant polypeptides of CiIRF1, CiIRF2 and CiIRF3 bound to CiGig2 promoter with high affinity; indicating that IRF1, IRF2 and IRF3 could be the potential transcriptional regulatory factors for Gig2. Subsequently, CiGig2 promoter sequence was cloned into pGL3-Basic vector and the ORFs of CiIRF1, CiIRF2 and CiIRF3 were cloned into the expression plasmids pcDNA3.1 (+). Then, pGL3-CiGig2 promoter sequence and pcDNA3.1-CiIRFs were co-transfected into C. idella kidney (CIK) cells. The in vivo effects of CiIRFs on CiGig2 promoter were measured by dual-luciferase assays in the transfected CIK cells. Our results showed that the roles of CiIRFs were diversified in regulating CiGig2 transcription, e.g., CiIRF3 played a positive role in during this process; on the contrary CiIRF1 worked as a suppressor; however the effect of CiIRF2 on CiGig2 transcription was not obvious. For further study the roles of the three ISREs in CiGig2 transcription, we cloned three mutant CiGig2 promoters called ISRE1mut-luc (deleted ISRE1), ISRE2mut-luc (deleted ISRE2) and ISRE3mut-luc (deleted ISRE3), respectively. In vitro, gel mobility shift assays showed that all three mutant promoters also were combined with CiIRFs. CIK cells were co-transfected with CiGig2 promoter mutants (ISRE1mut-luc, ISRE2mut-luc or ISRE3mut-luc, respectively) and pcDNA3.1-IRFs. The results suggested that different ISRE played the diverse roles. ISRE2 is more important than ISRE1 and ISRE3 to the transcription of CiGig2 induced by CiIRF1. ISRE1 and ISRE3 are important to the transcription of CiGig2 induced by CiIRF2 and CiIRF3.

DOI: 10.1016/j.fsi.2014.11.008

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