Promote healing and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activities of Jinjianling cream

  title={Promote healing and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activities of Jinjianling cream},
  author={Wu Zhao and Mingyang Qiu and Cuixia Ma and Pei-han Gong and Yu-ting Liu and Mingming Yan and Shuai Shao and Daqing Zhao},
To study the healing effect and anti-inflammatory effect of Jinjianling cream on skin lesions, and to investigate the antibacterial activity, which proved that the preparation is safe and effective. The mouse scald model was established to observe the wound healing time and wound healing rate of mice, serum levels of TNF-a and IL-1 were measured by ELISA method. The model of eczema in mice was induced by DNCB, and the degree of ear swelling in mice was calculated. The hematoxylin-eosin (HE… 
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