Promoção de saúde em unidades básicas: análise das representações sociais dos usuários sobre a atuação da fisioterapia

  title={Promoç{\~a}o de sa{\'u}de em unidades b{\'a}sicas: an{\'a}lise das representaç{\~o}es sociais dos usu{\'a}rios sobre a atuaç{\~a}o da fisioterapia},
  author={Viviane Gontijo Augusto and Cec{\'i}lia F Aquino and Naia Chaves Machado and Vanessa Aparecida Cardoso and Solange Ribeiro},
The aim of this article is to identify the social representations of the users of operative groups about health and the physical therapy role in the health/disease process, as well as to verify how the representations of the users are related to the purposes of these groups. The present study was developed under a qualitative approach using the semi-structured interview. Users of the "Quality of Life" project from four basic health units of the city of Divinopolis, Minas Gerais State, were… CONTINUE READING


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