Promiscuous mating in the harem-roosting fruit bat, Cynopterus sphinx.

  title={Promiscuous mating in the harem-roosting fruit bat, Cynopterus sphinx.},
  author={Kritika M Garg and Balaji Chattopadhyay and D ParamanathaSwamiDoss and K VinothKumarA and Sripathi Kandula and Uma Ramakrishnan},
  journal={Molecular ecology},
  volume={21 16},
Observations on mating behaviours and strategies guide our understanding of mating systems and variance in reproductive success. However, the presence of cryptic strategies often results in situations where social mating system is not reflective of genetic mating system. We present such a study of the genetic mating system of a harem-forming bat Cynopterus sphinx where harems may not be true indicators of male reproductive success. This temporal study using data from six seasons on paternity… CONTINUE READING
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