Prometheus to Proust: the case for behavioural criteria for 'mental time travel'.

  title={Prometheus to Proust: the case for behavioural criteria for 'mental time travel'.},
  author={Nicola S. Clayton and Timothy J. Bussey and Nathan John Emery and Anthony Dickinson},
  journal={Trends in cognitive sciences},
  volume={7 10},
  pages={436-7; author reply 437-8}
arrays, determine the colour vision phenotype. The results indicate that, in general, genetic analysis can predict the type and severity of colour deficiency, but exceptions have been found when different genotypes yield the same phenotype and vice versa. Much remains to be done to establish an exact relationship between sequence variations in hybrid genes, the expression into anomalous photopigments that exhibit differences in optical density and spectral shifts and the corresponding effects… CONTINUE READING

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