Prolonged mixed phase induced by high pressure in MnRuP

  title={Prolonged mixed phase induced by high pressure in MnRuP},
  author={Raimundas Sereika and Wei Wu and Changyong Park and Curtis Kenney-Benson and Dale L. Brewe and Steve M Heald and Jianbo Zhang and Sorb Yesudhas and Hongshan Deng and Bijuan Chen and Jianlin Luo and Y. J. Ding and Ho-kwang “David” Mao},
Hexagonally structured MnRuP was studied under high pressure up to 35 GPa from 5 to 300 K using synchrotron X-ray diffraction. We observed that a partial phase transition from hexagonal to orthorhombic symmetry started at 11 GPa. The new and denser orthorhombic phase coexisted with its parent phase for an unusually long pressure range, {\Delta}P ~ 50 GPa. We attribute this structural transformation to a magnetic origin, where a decisive criterion for the boundary of the mixed phase lays in the… CONTINUE READING
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