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Prolonged cardiotoxicity from poison lilly (Veratrum viride).

  title={Prolonged cardiotoxicity from poison lilly (Veratrum viride).},
  author={L. Prince and C. Stork},
  journal={Veterinary and human toxicology},
  volume={42 5},
A 51-y-o otherwise healthy male presented to the emergency department 45 min after ingesting a soup made with boiled "leeks". Physical examination was significant for severe vomiting depressed mental status, and sluggishly reactive 2-3 mm pupils. Heart rate was 30 bpm and bp was 40/p mmHg requiring atropine and fluid resuscitation. After 60 min substernal chest pressure was noted and an ECG showed new V2-V6 ST segment depression. Recurrent hypotension required the use ofa dopamine infusion. At… Expand
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