Proline production by regulatory mutants of Serratia marcescens


Proline-producing strains of Serratia marcescens Sr41 were constructed by three rounds of mutagenesis. A strain SP103 which did not degrade l-proline carried the putA mutation leading to lack of proline oxidase. A 3,4-dehydroproline-resistant mutant SP105, derived from strain SP103, carried the dpr-1 mutation which resulted in desensitization of the feedback inhibition of glutamate kinase. Strain SP103 produced 5.5 mg of l-proline per ml of fermentation medium containing sucrose and urea. Growth inhibition by proline analogs was enhanced when succinate was used as a carbon source in the medium. A thiazolidine-4-carboxylate-resistant mutant SP126 derived from strain SP105 produced 20.5 mg of l-proline per ml of medium. The mutation carried by strain SP126 might be distant from dpr-1 and putA mutations on the chromosome. Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase was not repressed by proline in S. marcescens Sr41.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00295125

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