Proliferation in pituitary adenomas: measurement by MAb KI 67.

  title={Proliferation in pituitary adenomas: measurement by MAb KI 67.},
  author={Klaus Kitz and Engelbert Knosp and Wolfgang T. Koos and Akiva Korn},
  journal={Acta neurochirurgica. Supplementum},
The monoclonal antibody MAb KI 67 reacts with a nuclear antigen throughout the entire cell cycle and allows easy evaluation of proliferating tumour cells on routinely prepared smear and frozen sections. 120 pituitary adenomas were investigated by use of the monoclonal antibody KI 67 in a two-step avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex (ABC) technique. The KI 67 labelling index (LI) ranged in all adenomas from 0.2 to 4.6%. In 90 cases of transphenoidally operated adenomas the dura of the sella floor… CONTINUE READING

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