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Proletarian Nights: The Workers' Dream in Nineteenth-Century France

  title={Proletarian Nights: The Workers' Dream in Nineteenth-Century France},
  author={Jacques Ranci{\'e}re},
Proletarian Nights, one of Ranciere's most significant works, dramatically reinterprets the Revolution of 1830, contending that workers were not rebelling against specific hardships and conditions but against the unyielding predetermination of their lives. Through a study of worker-run newspapers, letters, journals, and worker-poetry, Ranciere reveals the contradictory and conflicting stories that challenge the coherence of these statements celebrating labor. In this new edition, Ranciere has… Expand
“Young Americans”: Rancière and Bowie in Dogville
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Weak Resistance in Semi-Peripheries: The Emergence of Non-Heroic Counterpublics
This chapter argues that the recent protests constitute “non-heroic counterpublics,” in which the heroic European masculine self is dismantled and replaced by an everyday resistance of the weak. ItExpand
Stranger History
These words [of the workers] had to be removed from their status as evidence or symptoms of a social reality to show them as writing and thinking at work on the construction of a different socialExpand
Translating Erratic Struggles: Reflections on Political Agency and Irregularity in Lampedusa
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Liberal governmentality in Spain: bodies, minds, and the medical construction of the “outsider,” 1870–1910
Abstract This paper traces the fragility of the subject in the period extending from the aftermath of the Sexenio through to the early twentieth century. In particular, two case studies are focusedExpand
The Work of Memory: embodiment, materiality and home in Jeanne Bouvier's autobiographical writings
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From finding to making: Jacques Rancière, Richard Rorty, and the antifoundationalist story of progress
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The Worker Subjects
One of the more slippery signifiers in cultural and political theory is the “worker.” Entire histories, epistemologies, political platforms, economies, and indeed states have been formed around theExpand
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Rao’s piece introduces the six essays included in “Insurgent Thought,” the special section of Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East , volume 34, number 1. These essays featureExpand
Postulational Rhetoric and Presumptive Tautologies: The Genre of the Pedagogical, Negativity, and the Political
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