Prolegomenon to a Theory of Argument Structure

  title={Prolegomenon to a Theory of Argument Structure},
  author={Ken Hale and Samuel Jay Keyser},
This work is the culmination of an eighteen-year collaboration between Ken Hale and Samuel Jay Keyser on the study of the syntax of lexical items. It examines the hypothesis that the behavior of lexical items may be explained in terms of a very small number of very simple principles. In particular, a lexical item is assumed to project a syntactic configuration defined over just two relations, complement and specifier, where these configurations are constrained to preclude iteration and to… 

Prolegomena to a theory of chorophorics

It is suggested that chorophorics are a common category that displays heterogeneous morphological properties but homogeneous syntactic distribution and semantic interpretation, and is offered via eight genetically unrelated languages.

Constraint on Merge: The Roots of the Lexical/Functional Divide

This paper addresses the following questions: is (external) merge, the binary operation that combines two elements into a constituent in every variant of the Minimalist Program (Chomsky, 1993, 1995

On the Nature of Syntax

The purpose is to discover the concepts of computational efficiency in natural language that exclude redundancy, and to investigate how these relate to more general principles.

A Syntax of Substance: a précis

The aim of A Syntax of Substance (aSoS) is to develop a syntactic system that entirely separates structure building from the labeling of structure and to examine the theoretical, and some of the

Antisymmetry and the lexicon

This paper will show that what the authors think of as the noun-verb distinction can be understood as a consequence of antisymmetry, in the sense of Kayne (1994), and suggest that sentential complements (and derived nominals) involve relative clause structures.

Neodavidsonianism in Semantics and Syntax

  • Terje Lohndal
  • Philosophy
    The Oxford Handbook of Event Structure
  • 2019
This chapter discusses the impact and development of Donald Davidson’s original proposal that there is an event variable in the logical forms that encode meaning in natural languages. Originally,

A Modular account of null objects in French

.  The interaction among pragmatics, semantics, and grammar and their shared responsibility for interpretation are essential factors in linguistic analysis. This paper explores the interpretation of

Extending the extension condition to discontinuous idioms

It is suggested that first Merge as well as internal Merge can target subconstituents of structures already built by Merge, which creates structures which I call Banyan trees, in which there is more than one undominated node.

A layered-derivation approach to conflation *

I propose a novel syntactic analysis of conflation based on Zwart’s (2009, 2011) layered-derivation theory and De Belder & van Craenenbroeck’s (2011) theory of roots: in conflation constructions the



The Minimalist Program

In his foundational book, The Minimalist Program, published in 1995, Noam Chomsky offered a significant contribution to the generative tradition in linguistics. This twentieth-anniversary edition

Prolific Domains: On the Anti-Locality of movement dependencies

This book explores a theory of Anti-Locality relevant to all three Prolific Domains in the clausal layer as well as the nominal layer, and offers a unified account of Standard and Anti- Locality regarding clause-internal movement and operations across clause boundaries, revisiting successive cyclicity.

Concepts: Where Cognitive Science Went Wrong

1. Philosophical Introduction: The Background Theory. 2. Unphilosophical Introduction: What Concepts Have To Be. 3. The Demise of Definitions, Part I: The Linguist's Tale. 4. The Demise of

Lexical Categories: Verbs, Nouns and Adjectives

The problem of the lexical categories and the nature of the grammar and adpositions as functional categories are discussed.

Modularity of mind