Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion

  title={Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion},
  author={Jane Harrison}
Jane Harrison examines the festivals of ancient Greek religion to identify the primitive "substratum" of ritual and its persistence in the realm of classical religious observance and literature. In Harrison's preface to this remarkable book, she writes that J. G. Frazer's work had become part and parcel of her "mental furniture" and that of others studying primitive religion. Today, those who write on ancient myth or ritual are bound to say the same about Harrison. Her essential ideas, best… 

Jane Harrison’s Ritual Scholarship

This chapter argues that Jane Harrison’s writing on ancient Greek religion constitutes a modernist project to create a new version of a very old religious experience. Harrison took Victorian theories

Religious syncretism: The new gods of greek tragedy

A S one scholar has recently expressed the matter, "Greek tragedy is about nothing if not religion."' It is therefore fitting that the study of gods and rituals has stood at the centre of much recent

Rethinking Greek Religion by Julia Kindt

Who marched in religious processions and why? How were blood sacrifice and communal feasting related to identities in the ancient Greek city? With questions such as these, current scholarship aims to

Hera, The Perfect Wife? Features and Paradoxes of the Greek Goddess of Marriage

In the ancient Greek polytheistic religion, Hera was considered the wife of Zeus and she was worshipped as the goddess of marriage. This paper analyses pre-Olympian references to Hera as an unmarried

The Oldest Story, the Oldest Fear, the Oldest Fool: The Religious Dimension of The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh is considered to be humanity's oldest work of literature. Ever since its rediscovery in north-central Iraq in the mid-nineteenth century, most modern scholars have interpreted

Still Life: Modernism’s Turn to Greece

Hellenism is a way of seeing ghosts and contemplating inanimate objects. Normally associated with the Gothic, these shadowy visions persist in modernist writings in a variety of forms, representative

The Rape of Persephone: A Greek Scenario of Women's Initiation

Within the last fifteen years, scholars have shown considerable interest in the ritual life of women in antiquity, and have been particularly successful in recognizing the traces of women's

A Question of Origins: Goddess Cults Greek and Modern

Although Greco-Roman material has been of considerable interest to the creators of modern goddess cults, there has been little response to their claims from classicists, who apparently view their

Animating Statues: A Case Study in Ritual

This article argues that the practice of ritualized animation developed only late in Greek and Roman history, within a particular intellectual climate—the Platonizing religious system called theurgy.

Judaism and Modernity: Philosophical Essays

Is there a Jewish Philosphy? Ethics and Halacha "The Future of Auschwitz" Shadow of Spirit From Speculative to Dialectical Thinking: Hegel and Adorno Of Derrida's Spirit Nietzsche's Judaica Hermann



Marius the Epicurean

An imaginary historical portrait in which Marius is offered as a kind of self-portrait of Pater transferred to the Rome of Marcus Aurelius. Marius speculates on various views of art and life. The

The English poems of George Herbert

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