[Prolactinomas and "idiopathic" hyperprolactinemia. Case series].


Endocrine features in 22 women affected by idhyopatic hyperprolactinemia and in ten women affected by prolactin secreting adenoma have been assessed basic levels of FSH, LH, E2, T3, T4, and PRL were evaluated and dynamic tests by GnRH, TRH and bromocryptine were performed prolactin basal value and TRH dynamic test show some value in differentiating… (More)


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@article{Volpe1980ProlactinomasA, title={[Prolactinomas and "idiopathic" hyperprolactinemia. Case series].}, author={Andrea Volpe and Alessandra Grasso and Alessandro Oliva and Placido Bramanti and Nestore Leggiadro and Rosa Musolino and Mario Meduri}, journal={Rivista di neurologia}, year={1980}, volume={50 5}, pages={350-61} }