Prokineticin 1 signaling and gene regulation in early human pregnancy.

  title={Prokineticin 1 signaling and gene regulation in early human pregnancy.},
  author={Jemma Evans and Rob D. Catalano and Kevin A Morgan and Hilary O D Critchley and Robert Peter Millar and Henry N. Jabbour},
  volume={149 6},
Prokineticin 1 (PROK1) is a recently described protein with a wide range of functions including tissue-specific angiogenesis, modulation of inflammatory responses, and regulation of hematopoiesis. The objective of this study was to investigate the role of PROK1 and prokineticin receptor 1 (PROKR1) in human endometrium during early pregnancy. PROK1 and PROKR1 expression is significantly elevated in first-trimester decidua, compared with nonpregnant endometrium. Expression of PROK1 and PROKR1 was… CONTINUE READING


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