• Business
  • Published 2016

Projekt zefektivnění procesu objednávání pacientů ve vybraných ambulancích Vsetínské nemocnice a.s.

  title={Projekt zefektivněn{\'i} procesu objedn{\'a}v{\'a}n{\'i} pacientů ve vybran{\'y}ch ambulanc{\'i}ch Vset{\'i}nsk{\'e} nemocnice a.s.},
  author={Kateřina G{\'a}lov{\'a}},
The introduced work if focused on application of industrial engineering methods in practice of selected hospital in Czech Republic. The importance of this topic can be seen primarily in connection with dynamically changing environment, which affects worldwide not only business, forcing them to increasingly focus its entire business on customers, but also other areas, such as healthcare. Even health facilities are forced to seek new ways to satisfy the needs of their customers - patients. The… CONTINUE READING