Projections onto continuous function spaces

  title={Projections onto continuous function spaces},
  author={Dan Amir},
  • D. Amir
  • Published 1 March 1964
  • Mathematics
Isomorphism problems for the Baire classes.
Basis problem for analytic multiple gaps
A k-gap is a finite k-sequence of pairwise disjoint monotone families of infinite subsets of N mixed in such a way that we cannot find a partition of N such that each family is trival on one piece of
Multiple gaps
We study a higher-dimensional version of the standard notion of a gap formed by a finite sequence of ideals of the quotient algebra P(ω)/fin. We examine different types of such objects found in
Averaging operators on normed köthe spaces
SummaryUnder study is the existence of averaging operators determined by measurable maps φ from a measure space (S, Σ, μ) into an arbitrary Hausdorff topological space T. The map φ induces a
An introduction to multiple gaps
This is an introductory article to the theory of multiple gaps. Mathematics Subject Classification (2010): Primary: 03E15, 28A05, 05D10; Secondary: 46B15
Banach spaces in various positions
Splitting chains, tunnels and twisted sums
We study splitting chains in $$\mathcal{P}(\omega)$$ P ( ω ) , that is, families of subsets of ω which are linearly ordered by ⊆* and which are splitting. We prove that their existence is independent
A Primer on Injective Banach Spaces
To put in a proper context the results in this monograph it will be useful to keep in mind the theory of injective spaces and the general theory of \(\mathcal{L}_{\infty }\)-spaces. In this way one


Semadeni, Spaces of continuous functions
  • Ill, Studia Math
  • 1959
Homogeneity Problems in the Theory of Čech Compactifications
If X is a completely regular topological space, there exists a space sX, the so-called Cech compactification of X, which is characterized by the following three properties: sX is a compact
Projection constants and spaces of continuous functions
1. Theorems. A real Banach space X will be called injective(2) if for every Banach space Y and subspace YO, every linear operation(') To : YO -* X can be extended to a linear operation T : Y-* X. An
Semadeni, Projection constants and spaces of continuous functions
  • Trans. Amer. Math. Soc
  • 1963
Continuous functions' spaces with the bounded extension property
  • Bull. Res. Council Israel Sect. F
  • 1962
Sur les applications linéaires faiblement compactes d'espaces du type $C(K)$
Soit K un espace compact, C(K) l'espace des fonctions complexes continues sur K, muni de la norme uniforme, son dual (espace des mesures de Radon sur K). Cet article est consacré essentiellement à
Banach spaces with the extension property
Recently, in these Transactions, Nachbin [N] and, independently, Goodner [G] have shown that if B has the extension property and if its unit sphere has an extreme point, then B is equivalent to a
An extension of Tietze's theorem.