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Projections in Context

  title={Projections in Context},
  author={Kaye Mason and Sheelagh Carpendale and Brian Wyvill}
This examination considers projections from three space into two space, and in particular their application in the visual arts and in computer graphics, for the creation of image representations of the real world. A consideration of the history of projections both in the visual arts, and in computer graphics gives the background for a discussion of possible extensions to allow for more author control, and a broader range of stylistic support. Consideration is given to supporting user access to… 
Alternate 3D Control-Display Mappings
This thesis presents a conceptual framework that provides a more general control-display description and conducts a user study to compare three different mappings to the commonly used mapping for 3D selection and manipulation tasks, indicating that all three may be considered viable alternatives.
Transcendent temporality : a trans–dimensional model of God’s free relationship to spacetime
This paper looks at several key motivations behind the prisoner of time objection and a view against which it is leveled, the Oxford School of divine temporality, with respect to the Christian God.


Planar Geometric Projections and Viewing Transformations
This paper describes how twodimensional views can be obtained using planar geometric projections such as perspective and parallel projections, and shows how these projections can be generated using the viewing transformations of the Core Graphics System.
Observer dependent deformations in illustration
The use of Hierarchical Extended Non-Linear Transformations is presented as a powerful tool for obtaining such kind of expressivity in illustration.
Multiperspective panoramas for cel animation
How such panoramas can be designed by computer is explored, and their application to cel animation in particular is examined, in which a single background image is used to incorporate multiple views of a 3D environment as seen from along a given camera path.
Artistic Multiprojection Rendering
A multiprojection rendering algorithm and an interactive interface for attaching local cameras to the scene geometry are presented, and a new set of techniques for resolving visibility between geometry rendered with different local cameras are described.
View-dependent geometry
This work presents a technique called View-Dependent Geometry, wherein a 3D model changes shape based on the direction it is viewed from, thereby capturing the view- dependent distortions of the reference drawings.
Picasso and Portraiture: Representation and Transformation
The first 100 years of modern art witnessed the popularization of photography, the decline of traditional patronage, and an increasing emphasis on abstraction in painting, all of which threatened the
Reading Medieval Images The Art Historian And The Object
Thank you very much for reading reading medieval images the art historian and the object. As you may know, people have search hundreds times for their favorite books like this reading medieval images
The Theory and Practice of Perspective
Of course, from childhood to forever, we are always thought to love reading. It is not only reading the lesson book but also reading everything good is the choice of getting new inspirations.
The Invention of Infinity: Mathematics and Art in the Renaissance
1. Medieval mathematics and optics and the Renaissance style in art 2. Building, drawing and 'artificial perspective' 3. Through the wall: Masaccio's Trinity fresco 4. Piero della Francesca's
The chronicle of impressionism : an intimate diary of the lives and world of the great artists
Introduction: the Impressionists' world the dawn of a new style 1863-1873 the exhibition years 1874-1886 divergent destinies 1887-1899 the Impressionist legacy 1900-today reference data biographical