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Projections and angle sums of permutohedra

  title={Projections and angle sums of permutohedra},
  author={Thomas Godland and Zakhar Kabluchko},
Let (x1, . . . , xn) ∈ R. Permutohedra of types A and B are convex polytopes in R defined by P n = conv{(xσ(1), . . . , xσ(n)) : σ ∈ Sym(n)} and P n = conv{(ε1xσ(1), . . . , εnxσ(n)) : (ε1, . . . , εn) ∈ {±1} n , σ ∈ Sym(n)}, where Sym(n) denotes the group of permutations of the set {1, . . . , n}. We derive a closed formula for the number of j-faces of GP n and GP B n for a linear map G : R n → R satisfying some minor general position assumptions. In particular, we will show that the face… 


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Intrinsic Volumes of Polyhedral Cones: A Combinatorial Perspective
This article provides a self-contained account of the combinatorial theory of intrinsic volumes for polyhedral cones and direct derivations of the general Steiner formula, the conic analogues of the Brianchon–Gram–Euler and the Gauss–Bonnet relations, and the principal kinematic formula are given.
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This paper provides the first rigorous analysis that explains why phase transitions are ubiquitous in random convex optimization problems and introduces a summary parameter, called the statistical dimension, that canonically extends the dimension of a linear subspace to the class of convex cones.
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This review of 3 Enumerative Combinatorics, by Charalambos A.good, does not support this; the label ‘Example’ is given in a rather small font followed by a ‘PROOF,’ and the body of an example is nonitalic, utterly unlike other statements accompanied by demonstrations.