Projected mesothelioma incidence in men in New South Wales.

  title={Projected mesothelioma incidence in men in New South Wales.},
  author={Mark S. Clements and Geoffrey Berry and Jill Shi and Sandra Ware and Deborah H Yates and A. L. Johnson},
  journal={Occupational and environmental medicine},
  volume={64 11},
OBJECTIVES Based on observed numbers of incident mesotheliomas since 1972, to predict future numbers in men in New South Wales. METHODS The incidence of mesothelioma was modelled in two ways. First by using an age/birth cohort model, and second by using a model based on potential exposure to asbestos in terms of age and calendar year. The latter model included a term for clearance of asbestos fibres from the lungs, and a term for diagnostic fraction. The age and calendar year model was based… CONTINUE READING

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