Projected changes in wind energy potentials over Iberia

  title={Projected changes in wind energy potentials over Iberia},
  author={Jo{\~a}o A. Santos and Carlos Daniel Almeida Rochinha and Margarida Liberato and Mark Reyers and Joaquim G. Pinto},
Wind energy potential in Iberia is assessed for recent–past (1961–2000) and future (2041–2070) climates. For recent–past, a COSMO-CLM simulation driven by ERA-40 is used. COSMO-CLM simulations driven by ECHAM5 following the A1B scenario are used for future projections. A 2 MW rated power wind turbine is selected. Mean potentials, inter-annual variability and irregularity are discussed on annual/seasonal scales and on a grid resolution of 20 km. For detailed regional assessments eight target… CONTINUE READING