Project risk management: lessons learned from software development environment

  title={Project risk management: lessons learned from software development environment},
  author={Young Hoon Kwak and James Stoddard},

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This thesis contributes for a goal-drivenSoftware development risk management model to assess and manage software development risk within requirement engineering phase.
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The emerging discipline of software risk management is described. It is defined as an attempt to formalize the risk-oriented correlates of success into a readily applicable set of principles and
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(Version 1.0) Team Risk Management defines the organizational structure and operational activities for managing risks throughout all phases of the life-cycle of a software-dependent development
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Abstract : This report presents results of a collaborative development effort to transition the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) team risk management process into practice. The collaboration
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It is proposed that risk be repositioned in the software engineering core body of knowledge, and preliminary requirements for a one semester course on risk are discussed, as experience is considered an essential element of successful risk assessment.
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The main features of a prototype tool called SoftRisk, which is developed to manage software risks, is presented and contributions like risk estimation assistance, risk documentation, concentrating on top risks and graphic representation are discussed.
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Putting methodology in perspective from a project risk viewpoint [software]
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    IEEE Power Engineering Society. 1999 Winter Meeting (Cat. No.99CH36233)
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The relevance of software risk management and development methodologies in electric power systems and the Dumpster Avoidance Assessment are discussed and described.
Managing Risk: Methods for Software Systems Development
(Each chapter concludes with a Summary.) Foreword. Preface. I. RISK MANAGEMENT DISCOVERY. 1. Software Risk Management. Foundations. Risk in the Large. Risk in the Small. Consequences of Knowledge.