Project risk management: A deterministic quantitative technique for assessment and mitigation

  title={Project risk management: A deterministic quantitative technique for assessment and mitigation},
  author={Cinzia Muriana and Giovanni Vizzini},
  journal={International Journal of Project Management},

A quantitative risk assessment methodology for construction project

The crux of this paper is that the risks are highly dependent on project schedule and the proposed methodology could give a better risk priority list because it considers slackness associated with the project activities.

A Broader View of Risk Management Process in Projects

Risks have to be managed with great care so that the final goal of delivering a successful project can be reached. The paper extends the risk management process with the value-based risk monitoring

Simulating the Impact of Activity Uncertainties and Risk Combinations in R&D Projects

The quantifiable consequences of uncertainty are simulated and analyzed for R&D projects. These consequences include variation in duration and cost of activities and the presence of risk factors in

A technique for supporting decision process of global software project monitoring and rescheduling based on risk analysis

ABSTRACT We present a novel, non-deterministic technique for global software project monitoring and re-scheduling that can be used by IT project managers to react on dynamically changing project

Fuzzy Approach Model to Portfolio Risk Response Strategies

  • Yaser Rahimi
  • Engineering, Business
    Risk Management [Working Title]
  • 2020
A novel bi-objective model for the best mixture of projects is proposed, which aims at maximizing profits and efficiency of risk responses and minimizing project direct cost to implement proper risk responses over a planning horizon under uncertainty.

Integrated Controlling Tool with Plan-fact Analysis

  • Z. SebestyénT. Tóth
  • Engineering
    2018 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM)
  • 2018
Comparing the results provided by the conventional project risk management analysis and the integrated tool with data from a sample project is able to justify the results of this research.

Integrated Risk Management Method Development for Multiple Aerospace Projects Using a Single Index Expression

This paper is significant in developing an index-based scheme for an organization-level risk management and validating the proposed scheme through a case study on real projects of a major aerospace research institute.

Development of Conceptual Model of Project Value Dynamics Analysis in Conditions of Uncertainty

  • O. BugrovO. Bugrova
  • Engineering, Business
    Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies
  • 2021
A conceptual model for analyzing the dynamics of the value of the project, achieved as a result of engineering, under conditions of uncertainty has been developed. In the methodological context, the



The Resource-Based View on Project Risk Management

AbstractThe benefits of conducting risk analyses in the planning of construction projects are widely acknowledged. However, the actual implementation of procedures notably differs significantly

A method for the evaluation of risk in IT projects

Project cost-quality-risk tradeoff analysis in a time-constrained problem