Project overview and update on WEAVE: the next generation wide-field spectroscopy facility for the William Herschel Telescope

  title={Project overview and update on WEAVE: the next generation wide-field spectroscopy facility for the William Herschel Telescope},
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We present an overview of and status report on the WEAVE next-generation spectroscopy facility for the William Herschel Telescope (WHT). WEAVE principally targets optical ground-based follow up of upcoming ground-based (LOFAR) and space-based (Gaia) surveys. WEAVE is a multi-object and multi-IFU facility utilizing a new 2-degree prime focus field of view at the WHT, with a buffered pick-and-place positioner system hosting 1000 multi-object (MOS) fibres, 20 integral field units, or a single… Expand
Developments in fiber-positioning technology for the WEAVE instrument at the William Herschel Telescope
Mauna Kea Spectroscopic Explorer (MSE): a preliminary design of multi-object high resolution spectrograph
New telescope designs suitable for massively multiplexed spectroscopy
Fiber links for the WEAVE instrument: the making of
The polishing of WEAVE spectrograph collimator mirror
Automated pipelines for spectroscopic analysis
VPHGs for WEAVE: design, manufacturing and characterization
WEAVE spectrograph cameras: the polishing of the spherical lenses
Testing process for the WEAVE prime focus corrector lenses for the William Herschel Telescope


The 123 mm 8k×3k e2v/Ohio State CCD231-68 for MODS
Assembly, alignment, and testing of the DECam wide field corrector optics