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Project VeSElkA: Vertical Stratification of Element Abundances

  title={Project VeSElkA: Vertical Stratification of Element Abundances},
  author={Viktor Khalack and Francis LeBlanc D'epartement de Physique et d'Astronomie and Universit'e de Moncton and Moncton and N.B. and Canada E1A 3E9},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
A new research project on spectral analysis that aims to characterize the vertical stratification of element abundances in stellar atmospheres of chemically peculiar (CP) stars is discussed in detail. Some results on detection of vertical abundance stratification in several slowly rotating main sequence CP stars are presented and considered as an indicator of the effectiveness of the atomic diffusion mechanism responsible for the observed peculiarities of chemical abundances. This study is… 

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