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Project Oberon - the design of an operating system and compiler

  title={Project Oberon - the design of an operating system and compiler},
  author={Niklaus Wirth and J{\"u}rg Gutknecht},
Presents the results of Project Oberon: an entire software environment for a modern workstation created by the authors during 1986-89. The primary goal of the project was to design and implement a system from scratch and to structure it in such a way that it could be described, explained, and unders 
The design and application of an extensible operating system
An abstraction of is the concept of grouping related objects and focus on common characteristics and for example, a file is an abstraction of file.
Technological Steps toward a Software Component Industry
  • M. Franz
  • Computer Science
    Programming Languages and System Architectures
  • 1994
A machine-independent abstract program representation is presented that is twice as compact as machine code for a CISC processor. It forms the basis of an implementation, in which the process of code
Programming languages as operating systems (or revenge of the son of the lisp machine)
The MrEd virtual machine serves both as the implementation platform for the DrScheme programming environment, and as the underlying Scheme engine for executing expressions and programs entered into
Extensibility in the Oberon System
Oberon is both an object-oriented programming language and an operating system with new concepts such as commands and dynamic loading that make up an environment that is similar to Smalltalk in its flexibility but offers static type-checking and is much more efficient.
System Software Support for Hardware Deficiency: Function and Features
This chapter explains what is required to be changed or modified at the level of system software (run-time system, languages) to address new properties of computer system fault tolerance, resilience,
Adding Concurrency to the Oberon System
This report describes a project, Concurrent Oberon, which introduces concurrency into the Oberon system while maintaining the simplicity and spirit of the original system.
Reflection in Oberon
It is shown how metaprogramming can be used to implement an easy-to-use database interface and a comparison with other metapprogramming systems for statically-typed programming languages is compared.
Porting the Oberon system to AlphaAXP
Alpha Oberon, an implementation of the Oberon System V4 for AiphaAXP under OpenVMS with X11 server is described, based upon the ETH Zürich's Oberon system for MIPS/Unix and ModulaWare's OpenV MS AXP stand-alone Oberon-2 compiler.
Re ection in Oberon
This work introduces metaprogramming facilities into the Oberon V system and discusses how type safety can be enforced in an environment with strong typing.
The Oberon companion - a guide to using and programming Oberon System 3
It is shown that Oberon uses a type extension hierarchy for messages too, which allows us to extend the message protocols of objects without changing or recompiling the whole system.