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Project Management: Tools and Trade-offs

  title={Project Management: Tools and Trade-offs},
  author={T. Klastorin},
Comparative Study on Pert and Simulation Modeling
A solution to all the problems associated with analysing the actual PERT system is to simulate the PERT network, which gives an estimate of the overall process completion time. Expand
Robust Optimization Strategies for Total Cost Control in Project Management
Robust optimization procedures for controlling total completion time penalty plus crashing cost in projects with uncertain activity times and linear and linear-based decision rules for making decisions about activity start times and the crashing of activity times are described. Expand
Improving Organization Performance: Project Management Approach Sustainable Development in Face of Globalization
Management ties together resources in an organization, mobilizes resources, and harmonizes efforts of all stakeholders to achieve organizational goals. Management in modern organizations have beenExpand
Total Cost Control in Project Management via Satisficing
A robust optimization model is developed that uses a conditional value-at-risk satisficing measure and linear and piecewise-linear decision rules for activity start time and crashing decisions designed to perform robustly against all possible scenarios of activity time uncertainty, when implemented in either static or rolling horizon mode. Expand
Open Innovation in the Italian Fashion System: Structural Characteristics in the Knitwear Sector
The purpose of this paper is to provide empirical evidence to improve the design value of the innovation processes that focus on aesthetic and rational factors. Innovation is central in the creativeExpand
Challenges and Transforming Technique in Customer Satisfaction – A Case Study of Project Expectation Management in it Industries
The changing and challenging dynamic business envir onment has raised the bar of expectations, with rapi d changes and new technology. Project governance is an important aspect that needs constantExpand
Essays on supply chain coordination and optimization
OF THE DISSERTATION Essays on Supply Chain Coordination and Optimization by Ju Myung Song Dissertation Director: Dr. Yao Zhao and Dr. Xiaowei Xu The dissertation comprises of three essays that 1)Expand
Incentives and Gaming in Collaborative Projects Under Risk Sharing Partnerships
1. Problem Definition: This article explores the incentive issues and gaming behaviors of firms under risk sharing partnerships in a project management setting, motivated by real-life examples.Expand
Planning and Forecasting in Capital Budgeting : The Practice of Business Organizations in Ethiopia
Capital investment decisions play vital role for the achievement of strategic plan of organizations. The main objective of this study is to investigate the capital budgeting practice of businessExpand