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Project Management: Achieving Project Bottom-Line Succe$$

  title={Project Management: Achieving Project Bottom-Line Succe\$\$},
  author={William Pinkerton},
Foreword Preface Acknowledgments CHAPTER ONE: Ventures, Projects, and the Bottom Line CHAPTER TWO: Project Organization--Defining the Need CHAPTER THREE: Defining the Project--Project Risk Factors CHAPTER FOUR: Defining Venture and Corporate Risk CHAPTER FIVE: Preproject Planning CHAPTER SIX: Organizing the Team CHAPTER SEVEN: Project Execution--Design and Procurement CHAPTER EIGHT: Project Execution--Construction and Installation CHAPTER NINE: On-Site (Preoperational) Testing CHAPTER TEN… 
Managing IT Project Success: A Case Study in the Public Sector
A conceptual framework for defining project success and a practical model for managing project success across the lifecycle were developed and some preliminary validation provided within the context of this organisation.
Measurement of ERP-Project Success: Findings from Germany and Austria
The implementations of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have increased rapidly world-wide over the last two decades. ERP projects are long lasting and complex activities, influencing main
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The traditional expectations of the project team are for the processes of engineering, procurement, construction, and start-up to be expertly administered. However, these performance criteria can be
Defining and measuring project success
An extension of the DeLone and Mclean (1992, p. 87) model is proposed as a base model for software project success and a set of dimensions for defining and measuringSoftware project success is proposed.
Project Portfolio Management Capabilities of Strategic Initiatives and PMO Practices In Strategy Implementation: A Perspective of Dynamic Capability in Banking Industries in Indonesia
Current business uncertainties in dynamic environment drive the banking industries to keep on in shape of competitive in the market. The organizations are forced to formulate and implement their
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Information systems (IS) project success has been a perennial bane of many researchers. Although there are short, medium and long-term dimensions to success, the reality is that they are inseparably
Conceptualising a multidimensional model of information communication and technology project complexity
The multidimensional model of Ict project complexity can be used by ICT project managers to more effectively manage projects as they are provided with a greater understanding of I CT project influences.
Project control and risk management for project success: A South African case study
  • R. Mudau, L. Pretorius
  • Engineering
    PICMET '09 - 2009 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering & Technology
  • 2009
The objective of the paper is to assess the extent to which project control and risk management contribute to and can be used effectively in ensuring project success and identify the factors that