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Project Looking Glass

  title={Project Looking Glass},
  • Joe
  • Published 29 June 2004
  • Computer Science

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Opportunities and challenges when 3D accelerating mobile user interfaces
This paper addresses new techniques and challenges for user interface design for small-screen devices made possible by the recent availability of 3D graphics hardware. A survey of current research onExpand
VD1: a technical approach to a hybrid 2D and 3D desktop environment
  • Matthias Bues, B. Wingert, O. Riedel
  • Computer Science
  • 2018 IEEE 11th Workshop on Software Engineering and Architectures for Real-time Interactive Systems (SEARIS)
  • 2018
This paper describes the Virtual Desktop One (VD1) system, the concept and implementation of a seamless 2D/3D interaction environment that integrates existing, unmodified GUI-based and 3D/VR applications into a common visualization and interaction space, which supports different interaction devices and modes. Expand
Articulating a 3D metaphor for displaying and exploring vacation packages
A 3DTV application that enables displaying and exploration of thematic information in a 3D environment using the book and carousel metaphor to achieve its goal is presented. Expand
Finding interactive 3D objects by their interaction properties
This paper presents the second missing element, a specification of a special query language that enables efficient usage of the interaction metadata, and develops an extensible solution for describing interactions of 3D objects. Expand
FOLDER3D - A Graphical File Management System Supporting Visualisation of File Relationships
A 3D graphical file management system which complements conventional 2D hierarchical folder structures by allowing visualisati on of alternative file relationships is described. Expand
Collaborative Virtual 3D Environment for Internet-Accessible Physics Experiments
This paper focuses on the integration of internet-accessible physics experiments (iLabs) combined with the TEALsim 3D simulation toolkit in Project Wonderland, Sun's toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds. Expand
3D User Interfaces for Collaborative Work
This chapter proposes an interaction system and framework, which allows displaying and interacting with both mono as well as stereoscopic content in parallel, and enables multiple users to view the same data simultaneously. Expand
A Space Model for 3D User Interface Development
This chapter presents an attempt to formalize 2D and 3D spaces by the definition of a meta-model, one of three meta-models that have been defined in three-dimensional user interface development methodology. Expand
Cube Objects with Functionality Facets Enhancer Entities - COFFEE
  • A. Barbar, M. Owayjan
  • Computer Science
  • 2008 Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Computers and Applications
  • 2008
A new, 3D approach is introduced in this paper, whereby new metaphors are established and COFFEE (Cube Objects with Functionality Facets Enhancer Entities) is introduced with the new metaphors and 3D graphical enhancements. Expand
Towards adaptive Web scriptable user interfaces for virtual environments
A Web scriptable user interface that utilizes Web browser technology to enable the user to search the internet for arbitrary information and to seamlessly augment this information into the VE, and provides a completely new mechanism to access readily available Web-based data, documents, images, animations, simulations and visualization. Expand