Prohibitin: a potential target for new therapeutics.

  title={Prohibitin: a potential target for new therapeutics.},
  author={Suresh Mishra and Leigh C. Murphy and B. L. Gr{\'e}goire Nyomba and Liam J. Murphy},
  journal={Trends in molecular medicine},
  volume={11 4},
Prohibitin (PHB) is localized to the mitochondria where it might have a role in the maintenance of mitochondrial function and protection against senescence. There is considerable controversy concerning the function of nuclear-localized PHB. PHB has potential roles as a tumor suppressor, an anti-proliferative protein, a regulator of cell-cycle progression and in apoptosis. PHB might also function as a cell-surface receptor for an as-yet unidentified ligand. Cell-associated PHB in the… CONTINUE READING

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