[Progressive supranucleair palsy: acetylcholineeserase-inhibitor a possible therapy?].


Progressive supranucleair palsy (PSP) is a serious neurologic disease which is seldom diagnosed due to its complexity. In 1996 international diagnostic criteria were developed by a group of experts, the diagnosis remains complicated. We describe three cases, which were followed in the period 2001-2008. In these case reports we elaborate on the therapeutic use of rivastigmine. During off-label rivastigmine use, patients showed minimal further cognitive decline, specifically with respect to frontal defects. However, larger studies and trials are necessary to explore the effects of rivastigmine in patients with PSP.

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@article{Nijboer2009ProgressiveSP, title={[Progressive supranucleair palsy: acetylcholineeserase-inhibitor a possible therapy?].}, author={Heidi Nijboer and Paul L. J. Dautzenberg}, journal={Tijdschrift voor gerontologie en geriatrie}, year={2009}, volume={40 3}, pages={133-7} }