Progressive development of diffuse liver hemangiomatosis.

  title={Progressive development of diffuse liver hemangiomatosis.},
  author={Frank Serge Lehmann and Christoph Beglinger and Karl Schnabel and Luigi Maria Terracciano},
  journal={Journal of hepatology},
  volume={30 5},
Diffuse liver hemangiomatosis is extremely rare. The etiology and natural history of the disease are unknown. It is also unclear whether tumor growth is induced or modulated by drug therapy. Tumor recurrence after ablative therapy has not been described in patients with diffuse liver hemangiomatosis. Diffuse hemangiomatosis of the left hepatic lobe was suspected in a 35-year-old woman by ultrasonography, CT and hepatic arteriography, and confirmed by laparotomy and biopsies. The patient denied… CONTINUE READING


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