Progressive cerebral atrophy in multiple system atrophy

  title={Progressive cerebral atrophy in multiple system atrophy},
  author={Masaaki Konagaya and Y. Konagaya and Motoko Sakai and Yukihiko Matsuoka and Yoshio Hashizume},
  journal={Journal of the Neurological Sciences},
Nine patients with multiple system atrophy (MSA) were studied based on MRI findings of cerebral hemispheric involvement. The age at onset was 56.4+/-8.6 (mean+/-S.D.) years, duration of illness at the first MRI study 2.1+/-1.1 years, duration of illness at the last study 9.7+/-2.6 years, and the follow-up duration 7.6+/-2.3 years. Controls were 85 neurologically intact persons (60.2+/-11.1 years age). In the MRI study, measurements of the ratio of each area to the intracranial area were… CONTINUE READING


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