[Progressing study in treating discogenic low back pain].


Lumbago is a general, frequently and complicated clinical symptom. 60% to 80% in adults suffer from back pain of varying degrees. The pain causing by various pathological changes stimulateing the ache receptor in intervertebral disc is call discogenic low back pain. Along with people knowing more and more about this disease, all kinds of treatment techniques are applied in clinic. But the indication and therapeutic effects are both evidently different. Below is a summary of the therapic method about discogenic low back pain based on international and domestic reference data of recent years and the author's clinical experiences.

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@article{Xin2009ProgressingSI, title={[Progressing study in treating discogenic low back pain].}, author={Zhi-qiang Xin and Liang Zhao and Jian Wen Wang and Yao Qing Tang}, journal={Zhongguo gu shang = China journal of orthopaedics and traumatology}, year={2009}, volume={22 4}, pages={320-3} }