Progresses in the Electrophoretic Deposition Technique to Infiltrate Oxide Fibre Mats for Fabrication of Ceramic Matrix Composites

  title={Progresses in the Electrophoretic Deposition Technique to Infiltrate Oxide Fibre Mats for Fabrication of Ceramic Matrix Composites},
  author={Erick Stoll and Petra Dipl.-Chem. Mahr and Horst G{\"u}nter Kr{\"u}ger and H. Kern and Aldo Roberto Boccaccini},
  journal={Key Engineering Materials},
  pages={195 - 200}
The electrophoretic deposition (infiltration) method represents a convenient alternative technique to fabricate ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) with improved high matrix density. The focal point of the present work is to describe the basic principle of the EPD technique applied to fabricate CMCs with oxide matrix and oxide fibres. Optimisation of the suspension stability is emphasised as well as the operational determination of the parameters for EPD and the designed of a new EPD cell to… 
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