Progress towards fundamental symmetry tests with nonlinear optical rotation

  title={Progress towards fundamental symmetry tests with nonlinear optical rotation},
  author={Derek F. Jackson Kimball and Dmitry Budker and Douglas S English and C.-H. Li and A.-T. Nguyen and Simon M. Rochester and Artem Sushkov and Valeriy V. Yashchuk and Max Zolotorev},
Magneto-optical (Faraday) rotation is a process in which the plane of light polarization rotates as light propagates through a medium along the direction of a magnetic field. In atomic vapors where ground state atomic polarization relaxes very slowly (relaxation rates . 1 Hz), there arise ultranarrow, light-power-dependent (nonlinear) features in the magnetic field dependence of Faraday rotation. The shot-noise-limited sensitivity of a magnetometer based on nonlinear Faraday rotation can exceed… CONTINUE READING


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