Progress on upwelling studies in the China seas

  title={Progress on upwelling studies in the China seas},
  author={Jianyu Hu and Xiao Hua Wang},
  journal={Reviews of Geophysics},
  pages={653 - 673}
  • Jianyu Hu, X. H. Wang
  • Published 1 September 2016
  • Environmental Science, Geography, Mathematics
  • Reviews of Geophysics
East Asian marginal seas surrounding China exhibit rich ocean upwelling, mostly in response to the southwesterly summer monsoon. Upwelling in the China seas, namely, the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the Bohai Sea, has become increasingly important because the potential changes in the upwelling may have dramatic ecosystem, socioeconomic, and climate impacts. This paper reviews the progress of upwelling studies in the China seas since the year 2000… 
Impacts of Wind and Current on the Interannual Variation of the Summertime Upwelling Off Southern Vietnam in the South China Sea
Summertime upwelling off the southern Vietnamese coast is one of the most essential oceanographic features in the South China Sea. Based on analyzing the 38-year (1982–2019) sea surface temperature
Coastal Upwelling Off the China Coasts
  • Jianyu HuX. LiangHongyang Lin
  • Environmental Science, Geography
    Coastal Environment, Disaster, and Infrastructure - A Case Study of China's Coastline
  • 2018
Upwelling is an important oceanographic phenomenon that brings cooler and nutrient- rich water upward to the surface, facilitating the growth of phytoplankton and other primary producers, which
Response of Coastal Upwelling East of Hainan Island in the South China Sea to Sudden Impact and Long-Term Variability of Atmospheric Forcing
  • Lingling XieMingming Li
  • Environmental Science
    Estuaries and Coastal Zones - Dynamics and Response to Environmental Changes
  • 2020
The wind-driven coastal upwelling east of Hainan Island (UEH) in the northwestern South China Sea (SCS) is sensitive to the multi-scale variability of atmospheric forcing. This chapter focuses on two
Abrupt change in Vietnam coastal upwelling as a response to global warming
Coastal upwelling is of great social and economic significance to the human community. The Vietnam coastal upwelling is a fundamental part of upwelling systems in the South China Sea, western Pacific
Land-Ocean Interaction Affected by the Monsoon Regime Change in Western Taiwan Strait
The Taiwan Strait is a conduit between East China Sea (ECS) and South China Sea (SCS). Seasonal monsoon winds drive the southbound Zhejiang-Fujian Coastal Current and northbound SCS Warm Current
Progress on shelf and slope circulation in the northern South China Sea
Influenced by the seasonally reversed monsoons, water exchange through straits, and topography, the shelf and slope circulation in the northern South China Sea (NSCS) is complex and changeable. The
The Contribution of Local Wind and Ocean Circulation to the Interannual Variability in Coastal Upwelling Intensity in the Northern South China Sea
Plain Language Summary Using in situ data, satellite observations, and model outputs, we analyzed the interannual variability in coastal upwelling intensity in the northern South China Sea. Comparing
Response of the Coastal Ocean to Tropical Cyclones
The Northwest Pacific and the South China Sea region are the birthplaces of most monsoon disturbances and tropical cyclones and are an important channel for the generation and transmission of water
East China Sea ecosystem under multiple stressors: Heterogeneous responses in the sea surface chlorophyll-a
  • C. KongS. YooC. Jang
  • Environmental Science
    Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers
  • 2019
High-Resolution Observations of Upwelling and Front in Daya Bay, South China Sea
Field observations of coastal regions are important for studying physical and biological features. Observations of high-resolution coastal phenomena were obtained by using a tow-yo instrument and a


Recent 121‐year variability of western boundary upwelling in the northern South China Sea
Coastal upwelling is typically related to the eastern boundary upwelling system, whereas the powerful southwest Asian summer monsoon can also generate significant cold, nutrient‐rich deep water in
Numerical Study on the Coastal Upwelling and Its Seasonal Variation in the East China Sea
The upwelling structure and its seasonal variation along Zhejiang and Fujian coast of the East China Sea are studied using a three-dimensional baroclinic nonlinear numerical model forced by QuikSCAT
Coastal upwelling in summer 2000 in the northeastern South China Sea
Using a combination of hydrographic, tide-gauge, near-bottom mooring, and satellite observations; and a numerical circulation model, we investigate the coastal upwelling in the northeastern South
Summer upwelling in the South China Sea and its role in regional climate variations
Seasonal and interannual variations of summer upwelling off the South Vietnam coast and the offshore spread of cold water are investigated using a suite of new satellite measurements. In summer, as
Coastal upwelling in the East China Sea in winter
[1] The dynamic mechanisms of the upwelling off the East China Sea (ECS) coast in wintertime are studied. First, the upwelling signals off the ECS coast are identified by the observed temperature,
Satellite observation of the Zhejiang Coastal upwelling in the East China Sea during 2007-2009
In this article, EOS MODIS sea surface temperature (SST) data are used to observe the Zhejiang Coastal Upwelling in the East China Sea. MODIS SST data in summer from 2007 to 2009 are selected and
Monsoon-induced upwelling off the Vietnamese coast
During the southwest monsoon from July 8 to 28, 2003, an interdisciplinary cruise took place in the central area of Vietnamese upwelling with “MV Nghien Cuu Bien” in the South China Sea. Physical